Monday, August 24, 2009

It's all but over...

Summer 2009 has been FABULOUS! Some of the highlights were:

2 trips to the condo totalling 20 days spent there...AWESOME!
2 trips to Lynden which means I got to be with my Kimmy and Kestin =)
Brielle is officially a teenager as of August 1st (not just acting like one)
Taya turned 11 and likes to be refered to as a pre-teen
Erik got a new job complete with a $6.50 per hour raise...YAY us!!
Taya went camping with Mara to their family's seasonal lot
Demi can count to 10 with a few made up numbers in between
Demi's ability to count facilitated the ability to play hide and seek, it's so cute
We got to the Lynden fair and Calaway park
We saw Erik's family, watched our nephew play in a ball hockey championship.
Our friends Stef and Shane joined us at the condo
We now drive a Suburban (no need to draw imaginary lines where each child is allowed to breath/move)
Celebrating my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary was a gift
Brielle had her first real job and spent a month with my parents...a wish of hers for years
Erik was able to determine he would rather drive the boat than be on the tube (after he sustained injuries...go figure!)
Larissa (our favorite child) vacationed to the condo with us and now Brielle is vacationing with their family in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
I got much time with my besties
I had Thai more than once
Lots of overnight guests
Aunty Penny and Aunty Lorelei made a beautiful birthday brunch/party for Taya
I had coffee on my mom's deck many sunny mornings
At long last I got a precious block of time with my dear friend, Traci (I'm now officially on the list of drop-in friends)
I had the most perfect sunset walk with my dad
I read more than one book
Demi had her first plate of poffertjes and first ice cream cone
I only got sunburned 2 times
Erik and I had multiple movie dates
We shared many sunsets

I am beyond thankful for such a beautiful season. I have been blessed.