Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Happy Daddy's Day"

Things I have overheard my dad say repeatedly through my life:

1. "Steak and Beans" diet. Eat beans so that sometimes you can have steak. He has taught me great money management tips!

2. "You will hit the wall, but you can still finish the race". I have seen him do this in many areas of his life.

3. Almost every day life is "fabulous".

4. "Everyone should have "happy feet". Thanks for every pair of shoes you put on my feet, dad!

5. "We weren't looking for perfect kids...just well adjusted adults". (Thank goodness!)

6. "Take a picture with your heart" seems as though each time he said it we didn't have a camera along. I remember those moments well.

7. "Life is what happens while we were busy making other plans".

8. "The happy Black family rides again"! Every time we all got in the vehicle. It didn't matter if we were going a block or across the country.

9. "I quite like having colorful speech".

10. "Aren't grandkids just the best"!?! and "It just doesn't get any better than this" -when holding the grandbabies.

What a gift you are to me. Your personality, sunny disposition, gentleness, kindness made for a wonderful childhood. Growing up, we were always secure in your love. The fact that you were not a yeller, that you made time for us every day, openly adored our mom in front of us, and started each day on such a positive note was such a gift to us. There have been countless times in my life when I have disappointed you. But, when I see you look at me all I ever notice is the pride in your eyes and a smile that beams. I hear it in your voice every time you say "my girl, my girl Cher". You are among one of the most generous people I know and always have been. You stop and enjoy life. You hit the deck running when needed. You are a visionary. You don't cuss. You make everyone you speak to feel important. You care about orphans. You support all the we want to do in our lives. You have given us fabulous vacations. You have lived and modeled your "faith" in a real and sincere way and I always wanted to know God the way I felt you knew Him. I love you very much dad. Thank you for being "fabulous", "spectacular", thank you for being you. It is with that same love and pride that I dedicate this post to "my dad, my dad Dave".

When I watch you watch the girls I see that same look in your eyes I always saw in my dad's towards me. Maybe, it's just a daddy/daughter thing. Each day I watch you give all to our girls. I love that you take time to hold each one of them...but have room on your lap for all 3 of them. I love the way you protect them and care that they grow up to be lovely women. I love that you take them on dates. I love watching you teach them life lessons. I love watching you play with them. I love that you embraced being surrounded with girls and quite like it that way! Thank you for being the dad you are to our children. I love you so very much!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When you love someone...

Someday I think I might like to be a DJ. I really should. I love music and really enjoy some from all genres. I feel like life should be put to music. In many ways, blogging does that for me.

I was sitting here listening to this song and decided this is the one I would use if Erik and I ever renewed our vows. I feel like it explains me/us. I know everyone has opinions, feelings and thoughts on Erik and I staying married. As I listened to the words I thought to myself...this is exactly how I feel...and that's why we are still married. Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Midnight Special... time of day. All is clean and besides that...all is quiet in our home. It's Midnight. My time of day. As much as I wish I was a morning gal, then I would have to give up my nights. Once again, some of last week's loneliness spilled into this weeks comings and goings. I knew this was inevitable...part of a big move. While I had some teary moments and 2 big cries, I really did have a good week with a bit more activity than other weeks I have had so far.

Since this is the hour when I come to life I thought it might be fun to share some of what I do or look at during the wee hours (besides endless loads of laundry).

Favorite Pics of the Week:

1. The girl's sleepover guests and bbq (i especially like the one of Demi stealing Lucy's chips while Lucy smiles for the pic.
2. Our new deck
3. Demi into all sorts of naughtiness...we are in a really "busy" time of life.
4. A picture of Erik and I on our way out to "date night".
5. Demi doing her morning routine. Putting on her "outfit" a bra and brushing her teeth.

Favorite Websites of the Week:
They have so many really fun ideas and great recipes.

Picking out Demi's "big girl bed" and ordering super cute!

(Sorry I don't know how to do a link. I will have to ask one of my fellow bloggers to share how to do that. But, if you want to take a look you can copy and paste.)

Favorite Purchase of the Week:

A great chicken Marinade...mmmm I will definitely buy it again and post a pic.

Favorite Thought/Quote of the Week:

Courtesy of one of the best kids I know. Larissa posted this on her facebook and I loved it!

"God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go."

Sleep well friends...would love to hear what have been the highlights of your week...count on me to there to listen if you ever want to chat about Midnight!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

8 things...

tagged again!

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. going to the condo...ten days of bliss on the lake!
2. school being done. we are not used to going until the end of the month.
3. slurpees
4. grass. they are laying sod next week. yay!!!
5. 2 months of not waking up to an alarm.
6. my grandparents 60th wedding cool is that.
7. meeting my cousin's baby. they leave in less than 2 weeks to columbia to pick up their first baby...a son.
8. my next hair appointment with sadie. boy, do i need it!

8 things I did yesterday:

1. got groceries
2. hosted a sleepover(never sure how the word sleep makes it into that statement).
3. bbq'd
4. contemplated writing geoff bode a personal email to inquire how he got the phenomenal bejeweled score (336,500) crazy!!!!
5. sat on our new deck with erik.
6. went to walmart.
7. cleaned the kitchen 18 times.
8. bathed demi twice.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. be in two places at once.
2. protect my kids from undue hurt.
3. clean my house and have it stay that way for the entire weekend.
4. go on a vacation with my husband.
5. find the time and creativity to scrapbook or sell off all my stuff.
6. win the lottery...should buy a ticket at some point i guess.
7. have more self-discipline.
8. do something that makes a difference...just not sure what that it yet.

8 shows I watch:

1. brothers and it!
2. young and the restless...they still are both after 20 years of watching.
3. grey's anatomy
4. private practice
5. big comfy couch (gladly i might add...half an hour of free babysitting)
6. big brother!!!
7. amazing race
8. bachelor/'s going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever this week! i have to watch!

I don't have a ton of people to tag. but i'd love to see yours on facebook or email!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay Mr. Postman!!!

GOD BLESS MY MAMA AND DADDY!!!! Yesterday was a fantastic "mail day". The only things in our box were a care package from my parents, a check from revenue canada with a small tax return and the Michael's 50% off coupon. We were pumped! I don't ever remember a day were our mail was quite that fabulous!

Our package included:
peach crystal light (my from the u.s.)
bunn coffee filters
3 pairs of shorts for demi and a cute little shirt
2 pairs of jeans for me
$20 cash for brielle and taya
4 tubs my favorite instant coffee
erik's father's day gift (cold hard cash to do whatever he want with)

Some of our favorites! Thanks so much mom and dad. We all felt so loved and thought of. You are the best!

Monday, June 8, 2009

There goes my life...

It may seem as though you never see much of Taya. We don't either these days. Taya is an amazingly undemanding, easy going, fun loving, on the go, with her girlfriends, chronic sleep over, webkinz playing, bathing suit wearing kind of gal. So, for the last month she has BUSY. Makes it difficult to post a ton of pics of her. I have told her that mommy and daddy really miss her and so we are going to have "Taya Day" in the next couple of weeks. I love her role in our family. I have said often of her that God always knew Taya would be a middle child. She so fits the role. Her personality is simply lovely. I can't wait to write all about her.

This post is about Brielle aka. "Birdelle", "laylee" (Demi's version of Brielly). Over the last month I feel like every morning I wake up and she has changed. I'm not joking. I will take a picture of her and a week later I will take another and she looks more grown up. It reminds me of baby growth spurts. You put a pair of pants on them and then the following week you put on those same pair of pants and in a weeks time they have become "high waters". I'm watching this happen in every area of her life. I feel like I am not ready in so many ways.

Yesterday Erik and I took her to the mall. A brief reprieve from her grounding that she is currently on. With only a week of grounding to go, an massive attitude improvement and $80 of babysitting money in hand...she was thrilled. We picked a meeting spot and drilled every parental rule into her head in 5 minute lecture form. You know the ones like, "you don't need to spend every dime. In fact save half of your money" and "even if they are a mall employeees you aren't allowed to speak to any males between the ages of 8 and 80" or "if you step one foot outside of this mall your new grounding will be for 60 days which translates to your whole life in teenager". Once Erik felt we had all bases covered we parted ways so we could go to our movie. As she walked away Erik said this and I could have bawled instantly. "There goes my life".

When Brielle was little Kenny Chesney came out with that song and I always thought of us when I heard it and thought it would be a good fit for a wedding dance for her and her dad. All of the sudden 13 years flashed in front of my face and I realized how fast this is all going. It seems like we are in the thick of parenting her and I stay so focused on what is on my heart to teach her. But that little moment has reminded me to slow it down as much as possible and enjoy all the moments I can over the next few years.

Things we remind Brielle:
1. Honor God
2. Honor your parents
3. Honor yourself
4. Honor your body

Things I remind myself:

1. Hold your ground on things that matter
2. Hold your tongue on things that don't
3. Hold onto the moments because they pass so quickly
4. Hold her often because she is always your baby

Brielle, I wish I could bundle up all the love that daddy and I have for you so that you could feel it every moment of every day. I promise you this is the some of the hardest times of life. Keep growing...I'll hold on.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday with Cher...

So, due to writer's, severe. And perhaps the "lack of an interesting life", and maybe a little bit of depression. I have decided to follow Tiffiny's lead and do a Thursday post. Even if it's just for this week. But, I have no choice. Even I am sick of hearing Wham sing "wake me up before you go-go" and I picked the song! It's an awesome idea and the best part about Tiff is she encourages every one else to follow suit. So here we go:

I am thankful for:
The sun. If it were not for the sun and the warm weather this week would have been a hard one. I think this stands out as "the loneliest week thus far". Erik says he can see it on my face. I am thankful that Brielle's one month grounding has turned out to be a good thing and not horrific punishment for Erik and I. I am most thankful for Erik. He is becoming my best friend. I am thankful we have this time in our lives to build that friendship. I am thankful we live in Calgary for all the above listed reasons.

I am listening to:
The Wiggles...annoying. Demi singing...precious. Listening to her sing is enough to make every day happy around here!

I am looking forward to:
We are having friends over this weekend. Erik's friend Tyler (he was in our wedding) and his girlfriend, Lana are coming over for a BBQ. Yay for me!!! Friends!!! I didn't realize how full our lives were with people until we moved and our life got very quiet. We also have plans to go to a movie. Last weekend we went to a movie for the first time in well over a year. It was so much fun we are going to go to another.

What's for dinner tonight:
Chicken soft tacos and tater tots. It's cheap and easy. Brielle and I usually have taco salads when I make that meal...nummy!

What I am missing: I miss Kim. Everyday I miss her. I miss Lynden. I miss sitting outside at Tiff's on hot days and watching the kids play in Olivia's wading pool. I miss taking the kids for a late afternoon swim at beachwood. I miss buying the kids summer clothes at Target. I miss going through Cruisin Coffee for a "cool coffee cloud". I miss my nephews, especially when I see the pics on Ross and Taya's blog. They are growing and changing so fast and I have always wished I could see them every week. I miss my parents. That's usually magnified right after I see them. If you are reading probably fall on the list of people I am missing this just seems to be the theme.

Pic of the week:
I thought this would be a fun thing to add. I think you should do it too Tiff. Demi basically stalks Brielle upon her arrival home from school. She is willing to do whatever Brielle wants to do. Really, anything to be in her presence. She calls her "Birdelle" and really rolls her r's when she says it. It is so cute!

I hope this weekend finds you thankful, stopping to listen, enjoying good meals, that you have something to look forward to, that you miss and are missed. And don't forget to take a few pictures along the way. For all this will mean you have lived and loved.

"Copying is the highest form of flattery" ~UNKNOWN