Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay Mr. Postman!!!

GOD BLESS MY MAMA AND DADDY!!!! Yesterday was a fantastic "mail day". The only things in our box were a care package from my parents, a check from revenue canada with a small tax return and the Michael's 50% off coupon. We were pumped! I don't ever remember a day were our mail was quite that fabulous!

Our package included:
peach crystal light (my from the u.s.)
bunn coffee filters
3 pairs of shorts for demi and a cute little shirt
2 pairs of jeans for me
$20 cash for brielle and taya
4 tubs my favorite instant coffee
erik's father's day gift (cold hard cash to do whatever he want with)

Some of our favorites! Thanks so much mom and dad. We all felt so loved and thought of. You are the best!

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Mom and Dad Black said...

Yippeee! You got it! So glad that it brightened your day my precious ones! You are thought about all the time with love! love! love!