Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Happy Daddy's Day"

Things I have overheard my dad say repeatedly through my life:

1. "Steak and Beans" diet. Eat beans so that sometimes you can have steak. He has taught me great money management tips!

2. "You will hit the wall, but you can still finish the race". I have seen him do this in many areas of his life.

3. Almost every day life is "fabulous".

4. "Everyone should have "happy feet". Thanks for every pair of shoes you put on my feet, dad!

5. "We weren't looking for perfect kids...just well adjusted adults". (Thank goodness!)

6. "Take a picture with your heart" seems as though each time he said it we didn't have a camera along. I remember those moments well.

7. "Life is what happens while we were busy making other plans".

8. "The happy Black family rides again"! Every time we all got in the vehicle. It didn't matter if we were going a block or across the country.

9. "I quite like having colorful speech".

10. "Aren't grandkids just the best"!?! and "It just doesn't get any better than this" -when holding the grandbabies.

What a gift you are to me. Your personality, sunny disposition, gentleness, kindness made for a wonderful childhood. Growing up, we were always secure in your love. The fact that you were not a yeller, that you made time for us every day, openly adored our mom in front of us, and started each day on such a positive note was such a gift to us. There have been countless times in my life when I have disappointed you. But, when I see you look at me all I ever notice is the pride in your eyes and a smile that beams. I hear it in your voice every time you say "my girl, my girl Cher". You are among one of the most generous people I know and always have been. You stop and enjoy life. You hit the deck running when needed. You are a visionary. You don't cuss. You make everyone you speak to feel important. You care about orphans. You support all the we want to do in our lives. You have given us fabulous vacations. You have lived and modeled your "faith" in a real and sincere way and I always wanted to know God the way I felt you knew Him. I love you very much dad. Thank you for being "fabulous", "spectacular", thank you for being you. It is with that same love and pride that I dedicate this post to "my dad, my dad Dave".

When I watch you watch the girls I see that same look in your eyes I always saw in my dad's towards me. Maybe, it's just a daddy/daughter thing. Each day I watch you give all to our girls. I love that you take time to hold each one of them...but have room on your lap for all 3 of them. I love the way you protect them and care that they grow up to be lovely women. I love that you take them on dates. I love watching you teach them life lessons. I love watching you play with them. I love that you embraced being surrounded with girls and quite like it that way! Thank you for being the dad you are to our children. I love you so very much!


Brandy said...

Good stuff Cher. You are always so positive and generous with your compliments. Sounds like you have a very loving family-lucky girl (and lucky family)!
Thanks for you comments on my blog too, I think it's therapuetic to write and it feels good when you know others read it and can relate.

Anonymous said...

Awww Cher, I love your tribute to your dear ol' dad. Beautiful. I love reading your blog. You write eloquently. (did you like that big word?) Love you and thanks for sharing. Karen O

Cyndi in BC said...

Great post Cher!

Father's Day is always kind of sad for me though. My Dad died when I was 21 and I still miss him and think about him every day.

Give Erik a hug for me for being a great dad to his girls.

Ross and Taya said...

This is awesome Cher.

Holly said...

You make me weep!! in a good way! Your dad is awesome and so is your hubby. How blessed you all are!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to not only your dad, but erik.
i, too, have been blessed with an incredible daddy and a dear, dear husband.
we are blessed.

Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

We are finally getting a chance to respond to this honey....
Dad was a mess of tears as he read this....and every other time of the 20 plus times he has read it.
What a beautiful tribute to him. He loves being your daddy! You have always been and will always be "his girl"...We love you honey.