Monday, September 14, 2009

Demi Chenelle...

Sweet baby girl,
It's just moments away from your big #2 birthday. Just saying it makes me want to cry. Each and every time I try to write this I cry...that hard cry that overcomes me, that says the emotions are almost overwhelming when I think of you, or that every square inch of my heart loves you so big. You arrived into our lives at a time I would have said was "inconvenient". But, God knew that he was giving us such a gift and you were part of His perfect plan. From the moment I knew of you, I was completely enamoured, taken, in love with you. The first time I heard your heart beat was the moment I couldn't imagined life before you. But, the first time ever I saw your face...I was forever changed. I don't believe there has been a day in the last 2 years where I didn't quietly thank God specifically for you. You gave me a reason to smile each and every day during one of the hardest years of my life. You gave me direction and purpose because you needed me. You have brought laughter and love, giggles and pride, calmness and peace, and such a sweetness to our family.

Things you love:

your blanket "saucy"
max and ruby dvd
singing (it's the sweetest sound in my day...and you sing ALL day) are his princess buttercup
your sisters (brielle helps you and taya plays with you and you light up each time you see them come into the room)
molly and the big comfy couch
playing outside
toe nail polish
being naked
mini marshmellows
doing "morning" with mommy (our snuggle time)
doing "ny-ny" (bedtime) with mama and daddy (review of the day, 2 songs, prayer, "i wub you's" and kisses
peas and green beans

I have often said since your birth that savoring each moment has not slowed it down...if I could have I would have. You are so precious to us, Demi. Happy 2nd Birthday, baby.

Love, Mama


that's the story of my life... said...

perfect. Just perfect.

Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

Well, Papa and Nana have watched this slide show and read the words over and over tonight. I keep thinking that "maybe next time we won't cry so uncontrollably"...
so, now through the very wet eyes and face we sit and write this.
The first time ever we knew you were coming....we were in love with you. The first time ever we saw your face we were overcome with joy unspeakable! You have been pure sunshine sweetheart. These past two years have gone far too quickly, but hold in them thousands of hugs and kisses and memories. Happy birthday, baby Demi (as Isaiah would say) We love you to the moon and stars and back again! Forever, Nana and Papa

Janice said...

Wow - two, that blows my mind! She's such a dolly baby! God sent my little girl at the same in my life and I had the same feelings! I adore my baby girl (who is a freshman now) - oh how God knows best!

Saralee said...

You do know how to make us cry don't you?! Loved this post!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Miss Demi!!! xoxo