Monday, September 20, 2010

happy birthday, princess!!!

3 years ago, i endured my hardest labor. so much so i even took the drugs (which i had never done before). ahhh, the epidural...bliss. what i didn't realize was you were coming into the world face up. but, in that moment at 5:27 am, september 21st, 2007 i had that moment that many mothers describe...all pain erased when they set eyes on their baby. God gave me a gift and i have known it and been thankful every day of the last 1,095 i have been given with you. demi chenelle kingsborough, you have brightened everyday since your birth. i have savored every moment of loving you, holding you, raising you, bathing you, teaching you. every night since you were born, i have whispered in your ear as i tuck you in..."are you special to mommy? yes, you are. that's because you are my baby". now we have a new baby coming and i just want you to know. demi, you are special to mommy...yes, you are. that's because you are my baby.

at 3 years old you:

~are a people person. you are friendly to strangers. we often her you saying, "hewwo fwends" as we pass people on the road, you love playdates, and you most love "gida" (your cousin, isaiah)

~love having "bubbles"(daily bath)and would be happy to do so for an hour at a time

~are as girly as they come and love to have nails painted and wear a tutu daily

~sing the same 3 songs and do the same prayer every night. i love listening to dad sing "puppy" (how much is that doggy in the window) and "bumblebee" (bringing home a baby bumblebee) and "loves me" (jesus loves me). the hightlight of everynight for the last 2 years and it still makes me smile just as the first night

~are daddy's girl...and that is really special...for him and for me

~have the most amazing singing voice

~love cucumbers and "dip-dip" (ranch)

~have the most stunning hair. perfect, gentle ringlets that touch the bottom of your back.

~still sleep with "saucy"...your blanket

~have originally named the dolls you insisted on having that are identical, "two babies"

~call your juicecup "thirsty"

~love max and ruby!!!

~have gotten into your big sister's makeup and nail polish too many times to count

~think that getting clothes is the best gift that people could give...far beyond getting toys.

~love papa's "big red truck".

~calls motorcycles "hockey"...hmmm, all we can come up with is that you have seen a lot of both since moving to canada???

~have a great imagination. you pretend to be both you and daddy on the phone, have an imaginary friend named rosie.

~are called "princess" more than your name and have a love of tiara's with many pictures over the last 3 years to prove it...i almost think you are better behaved when wearing a!

~have brought more joy to our house than i could have imagined. i'm so glad God gives the best surprises! you are adored, princess demi!


the story of my life... said...

Happy Birthday Demi Sue!! I remeber the day you where born and the day mommy told me she was having a baby!
You are a cute princess!!

Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

Well, that was a precious and "teary" moment for Nana this morning. I loved this blog! I can't believe you are three already. Every thing that mommy said about you, Demi is are the sweetest, most friendly and beautiful little girl that I know. We love you princess...have a "royal" birthday =) nana and papa