Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bridge over Troubled Waters

Did I say thank you? Really say it? Express it so clearly that you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what you have been to me?

To my mom and dad~
There were times over the last year when you were the only thing that kept me going. You carried me through...possibly even dragged me. You helped me parent and provided for me. You held me as I cried more tears than I think is even fair for a parent to have to catch. Together, got me through nights that felt like a new day would never come. I'm not sure how you kept lifting me up when your own hearts were so heavy.

Much of the last year feels like a blur, much of it you laid yourselves down for me, shielded and protected me. And there were moments when it felt like "friends could not be found" but you were still there.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love that only parents can give. The kind that is so sacrificial, selfless, and as much as one's whole heart can give. Over and over you have done that for me. How blessed I am...more than I much more.

Thank you with all my screw ups and bad choices you always made me feel like you were so proud of me.
Thank you for teaching me how to love so big, modeling such grace and forgiveness.
It's hard to write "thank you", it almost sounds trivial. Gratitude seems like a far more appropriate expression. Somehow seems closer to the emotion I feel. I am so grateful. It's so far beyond anything financial. I felt like you kept me alive. Kept the "real Cher" from ruin. I feel like you saved me. Saved my family. Saved my heart. grateful.

Thank you for being my bridge over very troubled waters. I love you so very much. I am so thankful, grateful, proud and honored to be your daughter.


Holly said...

What a precious tribute to your parents, they are awesome! I love them too!!! Adorable, precious picture of Dave with Demi and her toes! Love and miss you. Holly

Mom and Dad Black said...

Oh, our girl is with tears pouring down and no words to say how very much we love you, Erik and our girls. It is our honor, our joy, our delight to be yours and Erik's mom and dad and to be our little girl's Nana and Papa. There isn't anything that we would not do for you or Ross and your precious families. Thank you for this very precious tribute. We love you with every breath and every beat of our hearts. Always, Dad and Mom

3 little and 2 big liks said...

that was amazing. you do have wonderful parents. you and erik are learning well from them.
thanks for sharing.