Monday, May 25, 2009


I just got back from a great week in Lynden. I had my pint-sized travel buddy along which alway makes for a different travel experience than previous times in my life. Demi requires packing like we are moving to wherever we headed. I never know if she will be loving being a frequent flyer or if the hour long flight will make me wish we had walked to Lynden! The flight there was rough since she doesn't do mornings and we left our house at 6 am. Our return flight was fabulous and the business man we sat next to started off looking quite perturbed at the seating arrangements and ended our flight blowing kisses to his new little friend. It was a go, go, go type of vacation. Here are some of the highlights:

1. My grandparents were in town at the same time and every little bit of time we get with them is so special.
2. I got a girl's night out with my besties..martini's and Thai food and a whole bunch of good for the soul!
3. I was able to see Kim's gorgeous new house.
4. I had a pedicure with some of my favorite girls.
5. Demi tried fries and ketchup (she calls dip-dip) for the first time in her life and had her first lollipop, and got candy from the candy machines in Dutch Mothers!
6. I had a fabulous sleepover and shopping day with my niece Lynea...much needed and really one of the best parts of my whole trip.
7. I got to smother baby Kestin with kisses and have a lunch date with Larissa and Montana.
8. Had a hot tub with Stef. I always say I'm going to and never do.
9. Watched Survivor with Michelle and Stef, talked about weight and went on a late night run for blizzards from Dairy Queen! =)
10. Enjoyed lots of moments with my Mom and Dad. I love staying at their house!
11. Got to see Corey and quickly get caught up...have so much fun in Mexico friend!
12. Came home with full suitcases of "prizes"...I miss shopping there!!!
13. Demi got lots of one on one play time with Nana and Papa and the puppies of the neighborhood.
14. Crawling into bed with Nana and Papa.
15. The rain was gone and it was sun shiny everyday!

We had such a nice time. It's never long enough to fit it all in and I never get to see everyone I would have wanted to. So much of who and what I love is still living there. But, like any great vacation it's always wonderful to be so happy to get home. What is here...I love the most!


Mom said...

It was so precious having you here for all that time, honey. Thank you for all the special moments, the hugs, the kisses, the talks, the pedicure and Thai food night.
I love you "my girl" best friend. Forever, Mom

Holly said...

Cher, I needed you here last night for Bunco. Please try and plan your trip a little better next time!!! Glad you had a good visit, and oh, that precious little girl! Hugs to all!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

i'm so sorry i missed you!
next time FOR SURE!!
love you.