Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama's Day

There are certain days in one's life you hope that a corner of your heart and mind will never forget. Something about each of my girls captured my attention today. Brielle is seeming so grown up. I watch her scoop up Demi and take charge, she is very nuturing and so good with babies. How I would love to stop the hands of time, and hold her on my lap (which she would never allow in public). I feel like I will blink and she will be a mother...she will be a great mom. Taya's gentle and easy going nature...pure loveable that kid! She is the first of my children to say Happy Mother's Day and the one to give me the most hugs, hoping each one is better than the last. Demi's curls and the way they look in the sunlight, her chubby cheeks and baby giggles. Her big wet kisses and little hands that hold my face while she gives mama "loves". Of all of the things I have been so far in my life...being their mom has been the best of me.

This is an emotional day for me. This is the first Mother's Day I have not been with my mom in my whole life. There is this ache to be with her. To give her a hug in person, on this day and say how much I love her. Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom. Thank you for loving me every day of 33 years, even when I didn't deserve it. Thanks for being the one to recognize, "the naughty one is the one who really needs your attention" thanks for spending all that extra time with me mom! Thanks for being the person who was by my side when I brought each one of my girls into the world...Mom, there is no one in this world like you.

Today was a special day. I felt so loved and appreciated by Erik and the girls. We went to church, got KFC, had a was so much fun. I got a beautiful homemade card (my favorite) and a coffee gift certificate (also my fave). I was showered with compliments, hugs and kisses. This is one I will remember. I am so thankful for these little lives that God entrusted to me (us) to raise. What a huge honor and priveledge. I hope they grow into amazing women. I think they will. I pray their faith is big, their pride is small, that their inward beauty outshines the outward, and that they are always secure in who they are, and that they always know just how much I love them...just as they are. And I pray that they will know with all clarity...for all their life...God's unfailing love for them that so surpasses mine! Today was precious to I will never forget!

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. ~Abraham Lincoln


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!It was so nice to read your blog. Keep up the great writing Cher. I Love you, Auntie Lin.

Saralee said...

Beautiful words from a joyful heart! Happy Mother's Day Cher! Hugs~ Saralee

PS~ Miss you around here

Mom said... had me crying just seeing the pictures; but then to read your precious word...Oh, Cher~ how I love you. How proud I am of you. You are a wonderful mommy and the best daughter! I love you with every breath! You are the "joy" of my life...forever, your mom

that's the story of my life... said...

great post!! Happy Mother's day!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

what a beautiful post!!!
you are a wonderful mom, raising wonderful girls!
so glad you had a 'felt-loved' day, you deserved it!!!

Holly said...

What a blessing this post is, not just to your mom, but to all moms! You, like your sweet mama, are an amazing mother too!!! Glad you had a great day!