Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When I get where I'm going....

This week my parents are in Australia. They are attending the wedding of Ashleah Allana Taylor, daughter of their/our dear friends Kari and Al. In our brief time living in the same place (Prince George), their lives, their friendship touched our lives in a profound way and left a mark that lasts a lifetime. They died together on August 18, 2009. For the last 2 months there have been at least a dozen times I have attempted to write some appropriate tribute, but each attempt seems so trivial, not enough, or i can't see the screen for the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat stops me from moving forward. I am one among thousands of lives that they touched. I am so beyond happy that my parents are there. As I sit on the other side of the world I ache with them as they grieve, and rejoice with them as they celebrate Ashleah's wedding day. There are many stunning tributes on you tube that convey how big and beautiful they lived their lives. I am so thankful to have known and loved them and to have been known and loved by them.

October 10th, Erik and I attended 2 funerals for his friends from high school one of which was his roommate when he was 19. I had a couple of interactions over the last 15 years with each guy. We sat near the back for both services. Both had many who loved them. I cried, not because I really knew them, but because I could hear their mother's sobs from the front echo all the way to the back of the church. Jeff and Gordy died together. Their deaths were also very published.

After Jeff and Gordy's funerals I told Erik that at some point we should have at least one conversation about our funerals, what our wishes would be, etc. All he said was that he knows he for sure wants this Brad Paisley song played. As I listen to it today, I think it's perfect for him.

I know if she is still alive my mom would be heard sobbing, but I am left to wonder and really ponder...what will people say of me? Write of me? Will I have made a difference?


Saralee said...

Your posts always touch my heart Cher . . . you have such a special gift of putting words to your blog! Yes my sweet friend . . . you have made a difference in my life! From the first time I met you I could see the love of Jesus shining in your eyes. You might say . . . you have your Father's eyes! You are a special lady with an amazing heart! and . . . YES . . . I am a better person for knowing YOU! ♥

Holly said...

All good things about you, dear Cher. You are such a thoughtful, endearing soul, a wonderful mother and wife, but most importantly, a child of the almighty creator, God.
I played that song during a video tribute to my mom at her funeral a few years ago, and I always think of her whenever I hear it. Have you seen the video where Brad's grandpa is sitting on the porch and waves? The last picture of my mom on the video is of her waving too. Gives me tears as I write it!
I am so sorry for the loss of all of your friends, so sad for those of us left behind, and a reminder to know where we're going. I pray that this a joyous time for your parents. How wonderful of them to be there for Ashleah.
Miss you!

Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

Wow, my sweet girl. You have made a difference in my life...
You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, loyal, loving girls that I know. What an honor to be your mom. What an honor to be your friend. Oh what a gift you are to daddy and I. The one thing that I am most grateful for is that I KNOW that YOU KNOW where you are going! I love you my precious, beautiful the moon and stars and back again!