Monday, November 2, 2009

Super Snazzy Spectacles...

The long and the short of it is this: Taya getting trampled while playing at school equals two hundred dollars. While she likes the look of being without glasses, the poor child is blind as a bat without them!

She is this endearing, loveable, easy going, funny girl. I love that she wears glasses. I found shopping for them with her to be a total hoot. She has this snazzy personality and is totally fine to express it optically. So, while she would have been thrilled to have the ultra trendy, current and totally hip frames that came in bold colors such as fire engine red and fushia or a vibrant (screaming loud) purple...I was able to guide her to a pair that was less dramatic but with a little flair to them still.

We took some pics of us shopping for that perfect look. In the end, she was pleased with the pair she ultimately chose. While not alarming in color, the arms of the glasses really said, "fun".

The Grand Prize Winner...something both mom and daughter agreed on:

While we had no choice but to bring Demi along with us, I was fully and completely giving Taya my undivided attention. Until, Taya glanced over and saw Demi had gotten into mommy's purse and was found doing this:

It's easy to see how much fun it is to be their mom!


Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

Oh, honey...that was awesome! Daddy and I watched it together, but then I thought..."I need one more good chuckle before I head to bed". I wasn't disappointed =) Had a great laugh. Your girls bring pure joy to Daddy and I. They don't come any sweeter! or more beautiful! We love you all. Keep up the blogging. You are our "joy", Cher. Kisses and love for Erik and the girls. Momma loves you to the moon and stars!

Holly said...

Too cute! Love the specs Taya!!! And Demi's too!! She's so grown up! I miss the baby! I do covet her coat, however!!!! Love you sweet Cher! Holly

Ross and Taya said...

boy taya, you sure know how to make glasses look fantastic! can't wait to see you sportin' your cool new specs in person. we love you honey. thanks for sharing your day with us!