Wednesday, April 22, 2009


That's how old my hubby turned last week. It's hard to believe I have loved him 14 of those years. We may not have been together every one of those days, but I loved him...all 5,110 of them. Erik is not a big "birthday bash" kind of guy. Not at all like me. I love my birthday. I love other people's birthdays. Surprise parties, kids parties. It's the celebration of you, that you matter, that somehow the world is better for having you in it. The new year and all that it will bring. The ways a person changes, grows, matures. The newness and excitement of what lies ahead.

Since it was his birthday we celebrated it low key, the way he likes it. Just a nice family dinner. He picked the menu cuz that's what the birthday kid gets to do!

Later, we checked facebook and he had some really nice messages from friends, his stepmom, his sister in law (Kelly...whom I love), my family. Some were on my page and some on his. He is not a facebook junkie like me (he is barely ever on there) so I thought it was impressive given how few "facebook friends" he has, just how many b-day wishes he got.

If you were to ask, he would say he is not nearly "successful" as he was once upon a time in regards to his career, but he has a decent job and he works hard everyday. One of his best qualities. I look at him laying on the couch with 3 little girls sprawled out all over him and I could just melt...he is a good dad. I see that life (his, ours) has aged him, but I can't help but think how handsome he is.

I watch my children love on and celebrate their dad on his special day. I am proud. Proud to be in this moment, with him, proud of our children for the sweet and caring girls they are. I think to myself, "right now he looks like a success to me".

What a year it has been. I am happy, thankful, amazed for where we are today. But I am tired and I think he is too.

We crawl into bed and I whisper, "happy birthday, love". I hope this year is a good year...a really good year.


Ross and Taya said...

I'm sorry cher. We love you guys.

lyndsey greenhalgh said...

awww...I feel the same way that you do about birthdays. I think it's cuz our mom's went out of their way to make us feel so special on our birthdays. Remember we got to take WHOLE days off of school, and got to go out for lunch?!! I think I got to do that one year with you, it was so exciting! Makes me think that I should work harder at that. I want my girls to feel special about their birthdays, cuz it is. P.s. Brian's birthday is on Sunday. he's old...38 years! I love it.

Mom and Dad~ Nana and Papa said...

Hey was wonderful to spend your birthday with you. I have told so many people..."If I didn't know better; I would think I gave birth to Erik myself"
Have an amazing year honey~ The best ever. Keep growing, keep changing, keep smiling...and always remember we are honored to be your mom and dad. We love you to the moon and stars.

3 little and 2 big liks said...

happy belated birthday!!!
sorry about not getting a gift out to you...i bet your wife will make cookies for you, from us!! :)

cher, what a wonderful tribute to erik. he sounds very successful to me!! in my book, success has nothing to do with money and EVERYTHING to do with character.