Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And the Winners Are....

Last week I posted a "pay it forward" giveaway/challenge. And the winners are...each and every one of you! This would not have been the case had I had 27 people respond. But, I had committed to paying it forward to 5 and when only 7 took the challenge I realized that I would rather give/do a little something for all of you sometime in the next year than draw names. You are all wonderful people, generous people. Thanks for you sweet sentiments about the blog. I am looking forward to blessing you and watching you be blessed as you give it away too!

Sarah Ortiz
Aunty Linda
Brandy Timmer
Amber Erdmann
Tiffiny Vrieling
Ross and Taya Black
Traci Likkel


Mom and Dad Black said...

Awww....I missed the challenge!!!! Now I am sad...could you do a 2nd go on it starting now, and pick the first person who responds in advance (that would be me!) I love your idea honey. It is always so wonderful to "bless" and "be blessed". We love you.

The Erdmann Family said...

WHAT? I actually won something?? ha ha...I love reading your blog Cher. whether I win or not. I like to keep up with your family now that you are so far away! And I suppose I will have to be a little better about updating mine once we get to Arizona! 63 days and counting! Have a great week! :-)

3 little and 2 big liks said...

i have NEVER won a thing!!!

Ross and Taya said...

Okay I'm really stoked that I won, but now I'm going to have to go back through and read the rules. Do I actually have to make something? If so, I'm thinking the first person who comments on our next blog post about Elijah will win two free awesome mix cds- one with the world's greatest worship songs and one with the world's greatest love songs (in my opinion).