Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Banff

Today was: Gorgeous, Breathtaking, Awesome, was PERFECT!! We loaded up all ten of us (my friend Stefanie and her four children are here for the weekend) and headed to Banff. We were on the road by 11 am. That was the first miracle! Ummm...ok laugh but if you know me you would know that's impressive just to get me and my family out in the world let alone 5 others by that time of day with lunches packed.) The second being we had the most beautiful weather we have had here since we was warm! This was an outing Erik and I have been planning since we moved here. Besides being one of the wonders of the world (at least to us) the Canadian Rocky Mountains are one of God's best wonders! Everything about today was exactly what our family needed. It was wonderful to step away from the city and its fast pace and into a place that literally quietly restores you just by it's beauty. We didn't do all that we would have wanted to do (the next visit is already planned.) Stefanie and her kids went up the gondola. We had some family time and did a picnic while they did that. None of us got to the "Hot Springs", which was fine. Why spoil a perfect day with having to put on a swimsuit! LOL! Actually, that is a "must do" for our next trip back. Besides being a great day weather wise, there was such an amazing feeling about having done the great idea instead of just thinking it. We all give Banff 2 thumbs that really equals 20!

PS. LOTS OF PICS...two whole songs worth!


Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa) said...

Wow....what a fabulous day! The pictures were amazing Cher. Banff is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It looks like you captured another precious day with your family. Good for you! Those days away..."making memories"... are what remain in your heart for a lifetime. We are proud of you and love you to the moon and stars!

Ross and Taya said...

Awesome photos. Taya and I went there for our first anniversary and we can't wait to go back!