Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We don't hit people we love...or scream!

Yesterday I just had to laugh when my sister in law put as her facebook status update that "Ross and Taya Black are helping their 3 year old have a "happy heart". SO FUNNY RIGHT?!? I found myself quite amused thinking about raising children and how they can just really struggle to be kind, gentle, have a good attitude, all the things they really need to learn at home. You will all get a kick out of what we were dealing with for the rest of the evening. You will want to pause my music playlist near the bottom of the page on the right hand side.

Things to note in the video clip:

1. I never got a chance while camera was rolling to tell her she was doing wrong.
2. The other "full time parent" (her father) is laying on the couch never looking up from the tv.
3. We laugh at her naughtiness because this is the first time she has exhibited this behavior...we were kind of shocked.
4. She wasn't disciplined on camera, leaving the audience to wonder just how well behaved this child will be at 2 years old.

Things to know:

1. She continued to do this 6 more times.
2. Daddy did get up and she got her first time out...cried very hard.
3. She gave sister big loves and did "sorry" many times.
4. Next time I will not laugh at my poor sister in law...I am busy parenting!


Ross and Taya said...

Oh Demi girl, you need a little brother to wrestle with! You are a sweet girl and we're pretty sure that you won't struggle with being naughty very much any more. We love you,

uncle and auntie

Mom and Dad Black said...

Oh, sweet Demi girl..."Demi is kind"..."Demi is always kind"....We love you our sweet little princess.
Love Nana and Papa