Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Stef in the City"

My girlfriend Stefanie was the first of my friends to come from Lynden to the "big city" for a visit. She arrived on Thursday night and we started her vacation off by staying up until 3:30 gabbing like we only had the one day and like one of us didn't have to get up to get kids off to school! Her time here included all our favorites. Eating, chatting, dancing, eating, shopping, eating, getting coffee from second cup, sightseeing, more shopping, a winning trip to the casino, going to the market,(barely...we got there as they were closing in true Cher fashion...yet in true Stef fashion she was still able to make purchases!) more coffee...some with Bailey's, a fabulous dinner prepared by Stef, and more shopping!

We also had a big night out at the Ranchman with Jason and Lanie where we danced our little hearts out. An ok thing to do on a semi-regular basis...something to rethink if the end result is a 33 year old complaining of knees and hips becoming brutally out of line! Stefanie is up for anything and extremely competitive, that combination left us certain that before the night was up she would be "wowing" us on the mechanical bull, which she did! She went all 3 rounds and was so impressive! Erik, awed with her skills decided to take the ride too...I'm not that stupid! I know full well I will ride it at some point...probably my 40th birthday or some other significant milestone that encourages people to make show-offy decisions they will regret the next day/week. They both proudly wore their battle scars of bruises down their inner thighs and continued to puff each other up about how awesome they had both been! ROCKSTARS!!

We had so much fun that the next day we even tried on cowgirl gear at the mall...just so we can really fit in the next time!

As always all good times must come to and end. Tuesday night we took a very excited mommy to her flight (she was itching for her babies) and I loved that I didn't have to cry, because she had already booked her trip out for next month. It was a truly wonderful time...we just didn't get to the pedicures we had planned!

Thanks so much for such a great time are an awesome house guest, so much fun and a really wonderful friend. We love you!!

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