Saturday, March 7, 2009

Burnt Muffin

I know they say they will only do it once, in fact that's what I told Erik when she did it. There is just nothing quite as sad as when our children are hurt. As a mom there is this part of me that feels a physical ache for them. I would take their pain if I could.

Demi aka. "muffin baby" touched the fireplace and burnt her little hands. It happened so quickly and for the first few minutes I wasn't even positive that she had actually touched it. They didn't blister right away. We weren't sure if it was one hand or both. She cried for a very long time. Kept trying to hug mommy to make the pain go away but it didn't seem to soothe it. It was awful! I wouldn't say I am the best in high stress situations anyway, especially when my babies are hurt.

The next morning, the blisters appeared, on both hands. But she was back to her delightful self. The only difference was she was picking up her toys with her sad!

I will say this, the quickest way to have 5 Kingsboroughs crying is 1 hurt baby. I didn't know who to comfort. Thank goodness we knew we were picking up Auntie Stef in less than an hour. The person you want with you in crisis situations and just so happens to be a nurse!

My day had been good up until the evening. I was preparing for Stef's arrival and was cleaning up a storm, baking, and counting down the minutes until my "mommy time" began and it just felt like everything unraveled. We were trying to deal with some "teenage attitude adjustments, taya's undone school projects which weren't really bothering her nearly as much as it was bothering us, and it seemed like I was watching my great day go up in smoke (no pun intended, lol). On the way to the airport I said to Erik, "this is when I wish my mom was here...she would say the right thing...calm everyone down. When you're the mom you have to, and that's what I have to do but now I'm stressed to the max. I can feel a physical reaction, this tightness in my back like I am just going to lose it. I just want my mom! She would make me feel better." He took my hand, looked at me and said, "What would she say?" I just looked at him and and realized I was fine, he had just made it all better.

We walked into the airport tears in my eyes still, and I said quietly, "it's days like today when I'm glad we are doing it together."


Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa) said...

Awww...nana and papa are so so sorry little Demi girl...and so sad for mommy. When you were just learning to walk, Cher (at 9 months old...far too young) you banged into the wall and had to have stitches. You still have the scar on your forehead to prove it and every time I think about it still, my knees get weak and I get a lump in my throat. I hated and still hate to see my children or grandbabies hurting...physically or emotionally, spiritually or financially. I just want it "right" for my kids. Sorry to tell you, Cher...but that never ever goes away. You'll have 80 years of protecting and loving your babies. But, that's ok, because you're the mom! I am so proud of you honey. I am sure that you and Erik handled it all beautifully. I love you.
Kiss our little Demi's hands for Papa and Nana XXXOOO

lyndsey greenhalgh said...

awwww...poor girl - and poor mom!! I was in emergency so much when Emily(my middle one) was growing up - it wasn't funny. She was so fast, and curious. I'm happy to say that I haven't to go in about a year. Yeah me! I totally feel for you - it's awful what we moms go through. Hugs.