Monday, March 16, 2009

It's almost Tuesday....

O.k. so I am NOT a fan of Mondays. I have been known to say that "Monday feels like the middle of the night to me". It's like my subconscious seems to know it's going down like this every week...that I'm basically just gearing myself up for Tuesday. Today should have been an extremely productive day because I should be getting us ready to head to Lynden on Wednesday. I need to pack for 4 girls, that is enough of a job all by itself. I have laundry to do. I have a TON of paperwork that I should be gathering and getting organized...but no. Not this day, cuz this day is Monday. I'm not sure why I am not just puttering away at it...I think I am just waiting until I feel overwhelmed and then I run around like a mad woman. I must thrive under pressure.

It's not that I didn't do anything today. I baked cookies for Erik's lunches for the week we are gone. I played with the baby and gave her a bath. Did 2 loads of laundry. Made dinner (so nummy, my Auntie Pen's's Brielle's favorite dinner). I looked at old photos and marveled at how fast time is going, looked through recent pics and pondered where in the city I would like to go exploring the next time Erik and I have a date, I thought about how big the girls are getting, how much they have changed, contemplated an exercise program and did a lot of positive self talk about just how much I am going to use the treadmill once my husband moves it upstairs, since he has been avoiding moving it. Apparently they are REALLY heavy. So, once it's up there it best be used! I decided I'm not asking him to do it this week.

On the other hand, I could made better use of my time. I may need a intervention in regards to the game "Bejeweled". It's only one minute per round...I probably didn't need to play 67 rounds before I got off facebook, and I probably could have done without the following 43. I probably could have looked for the tax information instead of watching Young and the Restless. And, I probably didn't need to blog about what I am trying to avoid doing.

But, the way I figure it is: Everything I am enjoying doing today I won't have time to do tomorrow, because tomorrow is "Time to get it together Tuesday".

Here are some of the pictures I was looking at while I lost half of the day!


lyndsey greenhalgh said...

awwww...I have days like that where I'm so lost in thought, that before I know it, it's supper time and like, "Where did the time go?!!" Don't be too hard on yourself. There's always tomorrow. :)

3 little and 2 big liks said...

how are you???? i'm feeling totally out of touch with everyone!! are you in lynden still?? i would love to see you!

Mom (Dad)-- Nana/Papa said...

What a wonderful use of time....looking at pictures and remembering is never a waste of time, you to the moon!