Thursday, March 5, 2009


Once again, our visit with my mom was wonderful and went way too fast! The girls got to watch movies, get Tim Horton's donuts, went on a walk to Walmart, Nan bought new clothes for them, prepared yummy food, gave a ton of snuggles. They were overjoyed! Demi was thrilled to add another to her audience and performed all her tricks and gave Nana many kisses and big hugs. Erik loves having her here because he always has a full belly and basically has another person to take care of him!

It's so awesome that it's such a quick flight, less than an hour. So sweet of dad to facilitate visits so often (we are currently running an every 4 week routine). It may seem obnoxious to some, but my mom is one of my closest friends and I have always lived by to her every day. So, the distance from her has been a bit of an adjustment.

She arrived and emptied her suitcase that was full of gifts and left with our "love banks" filled to the brim as only she can do. Thanks for another really special time, mom. We love you!

PS. I'll add more pics once I get a copy of hers!

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Mom said...

Awww...I feel so honored to have a blog spot just about me....=)
You are so sweet, honey. I need the times with you just as much as you need them from me! I miss you every day, but love seeing your life there and how God is blessing you! You are all so precious to us. Thanks for the wonderful visit, the great talks, the foot rubs, the hugs and kisses. I love you to the moon and stars!