Thursday, June 10, 2010

finish the statement...

another facebook "fill in the blanks". blog or repost on facebook. fill me in on your answers.

i would never wear...ummm, hands down "skinny jeans"

i can`t live

i always wipes and lipgloss

my beauty basics are...marykay foundation, bath and body lipgloss, shimmering sands eyeshadow, and MASCARA!!!

i can't imagine of my children

my favorite perfume is...dkny "be delicious"

my favorite beauty indulgence is...pedicures ( i have been hoarding a gift certificate from erik since christmas...finally used it this past saturday with my girlfriend. it was wonderful!) oooohhh...that and good moisturizer.

my comfy wardrobe is...pj pants and a grey hoodie

i don't care if it is on the `Out` list, I will always wear...flip flops

i feel the most beautiful when...erik kisses my nose and eyes and tells me so

my food addiction is...rolo ice cream, it's so evil

i COULD live without...a cell phone and have for a year and a half

My favorite way to relax our condo...2 weeks til i'm doing just that!!!

i wish i had money to...single handedly (is that a word?) support my brother. what he does for God and other people is worth millions.

my perfect day is...beach, bbq, family, friends

if i could live anywhere, it would be...Lynden...forever

i husband. really, truly, madly, deeply.

i'm saving up for...summer vacation and a few things for the baby

i'm so excited for...girl baby number #4. i can't wait to see what she looks like

i love being with people who are...funny, positive, warm.

if there were a fire I would, wedding rings (of course after my kids)

if i could be spending the day with anyone, it would mom.

in 5 years i will be...a mom of 19, 17, 8 and 5 year old beauties!!! AND, will have been with my husband 20 years.

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Ross and Taya said...

Wow, thanks for your sweet comment Cher. You are a great support & you always have been. I love you a lot sister. -ross