Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 things...

All this past week, facebook has been going strong with the "25 things" note. At first, I honestly thought I probably couldn't think of that many little things. But, last night at 3:00 am I was still thinking of quirky little things. And, since I sat up half the night (on a school night!) I thought I would post mine on here.

1. My feet are cold 95% of the time...like ice cubes!
2. I know I have the best parents in the world.
3. I love...love...love music!! I tell Erik I know every song.
4. With each of my pregnancies I developed a liking for a food I hated previously.
5. I had a cleaning OCD for 2 years.
6. I miss Kim...every day.
7. I am an amazing mom to Demi. I have not had one moment of frustration ever with her...probably should've waited until I was 30 to have all of them!
8. I think my grandparents are the most incredible people in the world...it's more than just loving them...they really are the two most amazing people.
9. Erik is the only person in the world that knows my deepest hurt...yes people I have one thing I haven't told anyone else but him!!
10. I didn't start trying new foods until I was 30.
11. I have a wild side that I keep very stifled!
12. The first thing I notice on a person is their nose.
13. My brother Ross has the most goodness out of anyone I know.
14. I eat chocolate 363 days a year. If it were not for that I would be so thin!
15. My ring finger is a size 4. I so wish that were my jean size.
16. I have always wanted to be a hair stylist.
17. I love lemon bars and insist they be served at my funeral, but I never make them at home.
18. I don't know how to sew...Lanie and Kim are dying laughing at this one!!
19. I hope to go to Australia at least one more time.
20. I think Brielle will do something big with her life...I am very proud to be her mom.
21. I need a lot of verbal affirmation. I have spent the bulk of my life feeling like I was disappointing someone.
22. I think I am witty and funny.
23. I hate seeing someone uncomfortable in group settings. That is the person I usually hone in on.
24. I always have polish on my toes but haven't on my fingernail for at least 2 years.
25. I fold laundry more beautifully than anyone I know.

Ok...I have a few more!

26. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack when I get mad...so I rarely do.
27. Taya is the most loving and touchy of my kids.
28. I am an extremely fast reader.
29. I love my eyes. I love that my girls all have different eye color. Brielle has dark brown, Taya has green, Demi has blue.
30. My kitchen sink always has soapy water in it.
31. I miss our church.
32. I love people...I love being with people.
33. When I was 22 I had a dream about heaven and coming face to face with God that changed my life.
34. I am blessed to have children and was told I may not ever have them.
35. I couldn't imagine my life without Lanie she is the most loving, generous and funny person...this is how I know God loves me...he gave me her for a best friend.
36. I am the last person on a dance floor and if I had enough confidence I would dance when no one else was!
37. My first massage by a professional was when I was 30...silly, silly girl!
38. A person can never have too many candles.
39. I have watched Young and the Restless for 20 years.
40. I love living in a big city.
41. I wish I had enough money to give some away everyday.
42. There has not been one day I have not thought of Robyn since she went to heaven.
43. I love both of my sister-in-laws!
44. If I am quiet...something is wrong.
45. I love household cleaners, bleach, and stain removal.
46. I have used the polestar daytimer for 9 years and make endless lists.
47. When I have too much on my mind I stop talking mid sentence and Erik finishes what I was saying.
48. I buy cereal like there will never be another box sold.
49. I don't like cats.
50. I eat icecream with a fork.

Ok, I went over by double and probably could have kept going but that might have seemed a little self absorbed. This made me think though...I love that Erik knows all of these little things about me. Which leads me to...

Idea #5
Make a list of 25 or more things that are unique about the one you love maybe write it in their Valentine's card. It's good to know what makes each other tick. It's good to be reminded of the little things that made us fall in love with each other. And good to know that we're loved even if we can make a list of 25 things about us that could potentially make us look like a fruitcake to someone else. LOL! Happy Loving!!


The Erdmann Family said...

You are so funny. I feel the same way about Carter though, I am soooooo patient with him. I can't imagine just starting to have kids now though!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

i love these!
my friend just listed 100 on her blog.
sounds like a challenge to me.
i'm going to do it.
maybe even now.
i laughed outloud at the cereal comment. that's totally me!!!! i have to add that one too. a funny little quirck..glad i'm not alone in it. my fear is, if there is no cold cereal in the house, my children could possibly starve to death.
off to make a list.....

Mom and Dad Black said...

I loved this! I loved your "challenge" to us to make a list of 25 things we love about our spouse. I am going to do that!
There are a thousand things that I love about dad...I need to tell him more often! One thing that you forgot on your list...you are a great friend and the best "listener" to people's hurt. You are loyal like no one else I know; and one more thing "you are the joy of dad's and my life"! We love you, sweetheart...to the moon!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

i love your playlist so much that it's on this morning instead of my satellite radio!!! :) wow..that's a good playlist!

Mom (Dad)-- Nana/Papa said...

This morning I was thinking again of the dream that I had when I was pregnant with you...the one where x-rays showed that I was carrying an eagle and not a baby...so I went to your playlist and listened to every word of the Dolly Parton song "she's an eagle when she flies" and every word was just you. I cried and cried as I listened to the song this morning. You are as gentle as a flower, and tender as a sparrow, as strong as an eagle, a shoulder for people to cry on....just every word was like it was written about you Cher. I am beginning to the think that that dream I had 33 years ago was something pretty special. I love you my girl! forever, Mom

Ross and Taya said...

you're so right on #13. =) love you too! -t

lyndsey & brian greenhalgh said...

I love your answers, and I'm glad that you felt free to give more than 25 wonderful things about yourself. After I did mine on facebook, I thought of SOOOO many things that I could have added. I remember you doing my hair. I think you would be a great hair dresser!!

Holly said...

Ashleigh and I really want to know more about the cleaning OCD. Did it come on suddenly? Did it end the same way? How can we get it? (Ashleigh says she doesn't need it!) Love your list and love you too!!!

Holly said...

Ashleigh and I really want to know more about the cleaning OCD. Did it come on suddenly? Did it end the same way? How can we get it? (Ashleigh says she doesn't need it!) Love your list and love you too!!!