Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rated "R" for Romance!

Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday. I prefer carnations or daffodils on a random Tuesday in October over a dozen roses that cost way to much on Feb. 14th. I prefer days that matter to just us and not the rest of the world...unless they are celebrating with us, like birthdays or our anniversary. The only exception to that rule is Mother's day, that is one holiday that needs to be celebrated and done up right!!! LOL! However, I do love romance. When I was little my mom used to say every bone in my body is romantic! I love crying at super romantic movies. I love giving and receiving thoughtful little gifts and notes. I love romantic exchanges that only Erik and I know about (private nicknames, inside jokes that only we'd laugh at, little moments we will never forget, etc.) and love that other couples share those same little things that make their marriages unique. In that spirit, I thought it would be fun to celebrate love, romance, marriage from now until Valentine's Day. I will try to post (daily) a little idea that I have done or will do between now and then. I would love it if you would do the same (by leaving a comment). Let me know if you have done something romantic worth passing along and letting another gal take the glory for...or you are super shy your post could read something like this, "I have never tried this for my husband...but, a friend of a friend's cousin's co-worker once tried_______....or so I have heard". In which case your idea will be out there and I will totally feel at liberty to claim the idea as my own and get many brownie points from Erik....Happy Loving!!!

Idea #1
This is something that I will do on random days and is a great idea for people who's sweetheart travels for work. Write a little love note and fold it up and then tuck it in his/her favorite jean pocket (in our case work jeans) or coat pocket...something you know they will wear soon. It's easiest to do during laundry or packing and just a sweet little gesture that doesn't cost a dime...and it has a bit more sweetness factor then the traditional note on the counter that reads, "please take out garbage, pick up milk and have so much fun at the job you can't stand going to!"


The Erdmann Family said...

What a great idea! Well, for people like me who do have husbands that work away and since I can't be there to drop notes I will send him a sweet text message. It may be as simple as I love you, I appreciate you....or maybe something a tad naughty. Whatever it is, he always responds so happily. Like I just made his day and nothing makes me feel better. I did it in fact, today before you wrote this. We must be on the same page. I look forward to seeing other ideas!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

i love your blogging ideas!! giving 'hints' on how to have a better marriage is brillant! i gotta say, i wouldn't call myself romantic. strange coming from a chick but it's true. i do however, need to know that i'm loved and appreciated. something as simple as a phone call in the middle of the day, unloading the dishwasher (WITHOUT BEING ASKED!),helping me get kiddos in bed...that's my 'love language'! have you read the book, 'the five love languages'? it's a great read! i don't need the flowers or the choc but romance to me is doing something that i'm not expecting. anyways....blah.blah.blah....i show my love to rye by telling him everyday how much i appreciate and love him. we NEVER hang up the phone without saying "i love you".we always have, hoping we always will. he may say something different. men usually do have a different perspective on that. :)
let me ponder this a bit...i'm sure i can come up with some romantic, CHEAP dates that we've had.
thanks for sharing! :)

p.s. how did the video upload go?

Mom (Dad)-- Nana/Papa said...

You know...I was just thinking about this yesterday when one of the girls got flower from her husband delivered to Dutch Mothers for her birthday. My thought is to have a single rose delivered to dad with a note that says..."one day I met an angel, and then I married him!" Guys rarely get flowers. Keep staying romantic my sweet daughter...keep staying loving..."now remains faith, hope and love...but the greatest of these is love"!