Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where you've never gone before...

Idea #2
It's time to get out of the rut of going the same places and eating the same things! This might be easier for me to accomplish because I'm in a new city with many choices. But, I could have taken the time when I was in Lynden. With a little time and research given to date planning I am sure I could have dug up some little gem of a place in Whatcom county. I remember about 10 years ago, our friends (Rick and Michelle) got on a "hot wing kick" which we quickly embraced because we loved them too. What began was a year long marathon between the two couples to find places that had the best wings. Those were some of our best dates!! Sometimes alone and sometimes with them. Everytime we went out that's what we ordered...sometimes as an appetizer and sometimes we ordered just the wings and water (probably depended on how much money we had). It was something silly that didn't matter at all at the time, but looking back I realize those were some of our "hottest" dates. It took us to new places...and it was something we didn't do or share with the kids! I think the easiest way to start this date idea is to identify what you are going out for. It might be peach cobbler found somewhere between here and Seattle, it might be a great coffee place downtown Bellingham where you most certainly won't run into other people you know, or maybe it's finding the best Italian in all of Canada, for other's it could be a night of dancing at Big Lake Bar and Grill that they stumbled upon (you know who you are...and now everyone is looking up where that is on the plan to see them there...LOL)!! What I love about it is this is a date that can be done on $10 or less. Until we moved, it was always Black Forest or Pad Thai...both my faves...both are awesome. But, I am of the mindset that being adventurous is sexy. Finding someplace new that you love that makes you feel like only the two of you know about it is romantic! Happy loving!!!


The Erdmann Family said...

I love's so fun!

So, TJ and I went to Anthony's once and ordered the berry cobbler after our dinner. It was the best berry cobbler we ever had. So now, everytime we go out, even if we went to Denny's for dinner(ew, we don't like denny's but you get the picture) we go to Anthony's for dessert and share the berry cobbler. It's "our" thing. We don't do it with the kids or other couples and everytime it's just as romantic as the first time.

Mom and Dad Black said...

Great idea Cher. It's important to have a few things that are just "between you and your honey"!
We love you